alone-on-a-boat-fishing-580x405It takes me from the moment. Distracted. Unable to hear the quiet of space where the whispers touch me, leading me to the center of the beginning. I remain. I have walked forward only to again rest there on the side where the curb has become my refuge. Renewal. I look down at my feet with both awe and dismay–you have led me always; you have also beckoned me to sit. Still. We move with flow. Yes. We stand still without motion. Yes. Both are the reality of life. Both open doors to now. Where else is there to be if not in the front seat of our own lives in each moment that we live? In what time and in what space could there be otherwise? Acceptance. We must accept the way of the journey. Compassion. We must be gentle with ourselves and the ways of our choosing. Allow. When we allow we come back to the open road, standing from the side and walking again in the direction of the way.

In the wee hours|Write

8658Alone in the quiet echo of the dark.

Skies vast and wide like time and space.


This has always been my refuge, an empty room creating openings within that light might shine through.


Stilled-movement of flow, and I can touch meditation, sage burning away the dust that builds from stagnation and delay:

[The hiatus has taken to itself. Gone. The block is unblocked. It has accepted the path of allowing]

The clearing itself is a sitting practice, and I sit long enough to lose myself and find emptiness.


To reside there calmly abiding in this experience called life, neither fighting for nor fighting against.

I remain still.

I remain empty.

I remain free inside the stilled-emptiness of the present.

It is here that I encounter myself, here, alone in the quiet echo of the dark.


lockIf I sought your approval I would be placing my happiness in the palm of your hand. I’d be leaving the fate of my joy to the imperfections of your impermanent nature of being. True freedom is letting go, releasing the need to hear you say, “yes.”

What if you said no?

What of my salvation and my deepest joy would be lost the very instant that you turned from me? I am not lost, and I do not need to hide inside of my own secret hiding place in order to be found.

If I allow myself I can find myself. If I choose to quiet myself I can hear myself; and then I could seek the self of you that has never sought to carry the weight of my happiness.

If I made you responsible for my joy, how long would I grieve? If I granted you access to hold the freedom of my life at the inhale of your breath, how long would it take before you held me there against my will? If I made you responsible for sheltering the soul of my being, how long would it take for winter to dry, and for the blanket to cover the leaves?

I have not granted you access to the secret place where I sit holding the hand of the |A|ll. Some places exists outside of you that truth might show its face, unattached, and without ego’s glance. Seduction. How easy it is for illusion to seduce the seeker. Steady. We remain steady along the unsteady path of the way. Many. They all lead there, and there is within: a one-pointed-ness aiming in the direction of me.

Dear Violence|With Love

A practice.

A practice.

They race wildly for freedom. Tearing blank canvases from the hands of artists. Life. It comes inside a bubble, and it disappears into the ether. What happens between sounds like a scream, a protest against violence and disruption, a desperate plea to hold tightly while letting go. Conflicted. It is always within, the battle. It is the ego pointing outwardly, too afraid to look there at the source. Reflection. The only way to get there is to be here now. Bravery. It takes courage to ride the high-tides of one’s own trauma, one’s own dark place chanting the way of the light. Practice. It calls us to practice. Peace. It beckons our strength and resolve not to fight against hate in order to arrive at love. There is but one way to arrive at love. We must be love itself.

In the quiet|Oneness

Closed in silence

Closed in silence

I feel reflective as though I’ve crossed over to some place of quiet where I can hear the voice within. It is in the quiet that God speaks. Is not God but the highest non-form of your being? Oneness. True connection happens in the very moment of saying yes, and knowing. They exist at the same moment of receptivity. We must allow. That is the way, and to be open. Nothing existing inside the closed one can be open. Who am I? Who have I been in each moment of my being? Small. Vast. I have been both small and vast inside the same space in time. Choice. I have not always chosen the way, choosing instead a way that mirrors the ego, too caught up to see God. Mirror. Not everyone who looks sees. And yet the mirror holds the truth. Reflection. We reflect them both: the light and the dark. What of the light shines upon that which is hidden in the dark? Acceptance. When we accept the course of the way, we become free to walk the way of the course. Journey. Who among us has walked a thousand miles without having taken a step? Patience. Isn’t it something when God speaks? The clarity is impeccable, magic-like to the receptive mind. The closed mind cannot see, and yet the mind of receptivity sees the |A|ll inside of everything. Connected. It is when we tap in, when we connect to the frequency of truth that we illuminate the path. We walk. We are led. We walk. We lead. We walk. We carry. We walk. We are held. Where there is no balance there is no authentic truth. There is only a time that reveals more time to be needed in order to arrive. Yet when we follow truth, when we walk the tightrope eyes planted ahead, or when we walk steadily atop the water looking neither down in fear nor ahead in arrogance, we arrive there at the height of knowing…that there is no arrival, and that all moments hold bliss.

We walk. Freedom.

We walk. Freedom.

If life were to be without layers, it would be called a pit-stop instead of a journey. It is the journey that adds color, and that opens the door to our growth and expansion. Without the layers we’d live lackluster inside vast space, touching nothing. We try hard to reduce life to that of complete simplicity, removing disappointments, pain, and the loneliness that can easily engulf the human spirit. We try to reduce life to one single experience: illusion. This isn’t the path. The path inside life’s journey is to embrace the full experience of the comings and goings, of the rises and falls, and to create a reality that resembles more closely that which you desire for yourself while remaining open to difference. Tolerance. Flexibility. Trust. No person will journey this life-space without having experienced both the dark and the light. Compassion. Nothing lasts forever, including that which we take most for granted. Breath. We breathe now that life might fill us, that we might feel the life-vibration. Gratitude. We know that all things in all ways will not always be things. Like air through fingertips this journey of life through time and space. Let us walk.



Awake. I only want to stay there where the quiet touches the hand that leads me to the center of my being. What distractions take me away only to be led again to the start of the beginning? Is this the way of the path, the journey that is life? We repeat cycles even after having learned lessons. It is a dance. It is a reminder of how small we are inside the vast universe. Gratitude. Close to my heart do I hold its essence that I may never forget the way. Beside still waters. There is nothing feared in darkness, a reminder of the light, and I carry it like a torch through a tunnel leading to a cave atop mountains. Alone. This is the solitude of my soul, sitting full lotus surrounded by air and clarity. What more is there for me to inhale if not air and clarity? This is the way to All. This is the encounter of Oneness.


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