buddhist-monk-in-robes-reading-1024x682I turn a page everyday learning something about the person I am. It’s a dance. Life. I have stepped on the toes of others in this journey; my own feet at time squashed by the walk of me. We live and we learn. The learning inside the living is what calls for us to rise to the occasion of life.


How courageous are we to look within, to question the ways of our being? We read the fine print at times when the way of the past no longer works for this moment called now. It has always been there, the writing. The label hidden only by eyes squinting to a close, too afraid to see clearly the way, or not yet tuned in to the path before us even as the path behind us in a glance reveals the story.


Wherever we go there we are. Where are you? Where have I been? We are the same even as we are different.

One breath inside of a beating heart.

Two breaths cannot exist at the same time.

We pause in reflection.

This is the only way to evolve.

This is the only way of change: We must question, and when the answer draws nigh, we must do things differently.

Go there, within

Committed to the way within

    Committed to the way within

We continue to practice, and it alone is a practice. Every moment leads to a moment of clarity followed by a moment of what appears as confusion. We are not confused. We are simply not always standing in the center of what it means to practice. We judge not the way. To judge is to condemn the process of learning and growing. We grow and learn; we expand only inside the unconditional embrace of our own holding. How often do we hold hands with ourselves, and walk? Too often we long to be held by another only to realize that to walk is to stand on the feet of our own journey. No person holds us up. We step in the direction of evolution in every moment that we dare ourselves to practice the walk.

We pause.

We return again to that place of stilled-quiet.


This is what home feels like. This is what the warmth of loving ourselves feels like, and we practice this practice. It is still a practice indeed. No one gets it right in every moment, yet we are grateful for the moments in which we do.


Let us choose wisely. Let us choose to return to the start of the beginning. Here is where we find compassion for the way.

Here is where courage can be found:


Each thought. One step. Practice.

  Each thought. One step. Practice.

If I paused a second longer, it would be different. This is the practice of mindfulness:

It takes us out of the natural inclination to react impulsively, and places us inside the empty space of breath. It is when we breathe that we come to know:

Our deepest truths happen in the pauses–the space between thought and manifestation. We manifest the thought, for better or for worse. Still, here we are powerful beyond measure, and what we choose to choose is a choice in our choosing.


Inside a single breath it can all be different. We breathe with practice, with the mindful practice of being still that we might pay more close attention to the fine print of our life’s moment.

We get one.



Each moment that we allow ourselves to be aware do we come closer to clarity. It is never hidden from us, yet the eyes see only what is connected to its level of consciousness. We evolve in moments, devolve in others. All things lead us still.


We can turn our backs on truth but for so long. It sneaks again upon us the way a breeze catches the most vulnerable parts of our being.


Even in the distance can it be heard. We look there out into the empty space that we might see again what once before we selectively missed. Now are we ready. Now does the eye connect its sight to seeing.

It is all a journey.

Our steps.

We walk for fear of stopping and the breeze catching us again at our most vulnerable state of being.

We see clarity as the way.

For now.

Trust: Day 28|30|

The net has always been...

The net has always been…


In the same way that the breath rises and falls without effort.


All things are as they are to be in this time now, until this time now changes into another.


Like a ripple upon the lake’s-calm. We breathe in with gratitude even in moments when knocked off-kilter, when shaken at the core, or when lost inside what feels like desperation. We breathe out with gratitude knowing that there is a way being made even when the eye does not see and the hand cannot touch.

It is like breath: It just is.


I receive. I hold.

   I receive. I hold.

If it were the last breath.

I’d breathe.

If it was the first time to begin.

I’d start.

It is.

Life is the oneness of beginnings and endings.

In a single breath.


Happiness: Day 26|30|

To shine is a choice.

  To shine is a choice.

We arrive at it when we pause.

It catches us as though off guard.

We realize the fresh breeze, how differently it touches us.


This is what happens when we look within, no longer staring at the world outside us.


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